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Faust (book) by Goethe

The Devil Went Down To Georgia (song) by The Charlie Daniels Band

The Devil and Daniel Webster (movie 1941)

The Devil’s Bridge, Rheidol, Wales (legend)

Old Megan Llandunach,
of Pont-y-Mynach,
Had lost her only cow;
Across the ravine
the cow was seen.
But to get it she could not tell how.

The Devil that day
Chanced to wander that way,
Says he, “Megan, what’s the matter?”
“I’m ruined,” says she,
“The cow’s lost to me,”
and she set up a dolorous chatter.

Says the Devil, “A bridge
I’ll raise from the ride,
And the two rocks together will join,
To recover your loss
But the first thing that shall cross
Must ever and ever be mine.”

Old Megan contented,
Then quickly consented,
Satan hoped to have made her his prey,
So under her nose
The high arch arose,
Sayd the Devil, “Now trudge it away.”

In her pocket she fumbled,
A crust out she tumbled,
And called her little balck cur,
The crust over she threw,
The cur after it flew,
Says she, “The dog’s yours, crafty Sir.”

The Devil looked queer,
And scratched his right ear,
The sprang from the side of the ravine;
Says he, “A fine hit,
The biter is bit,
For the mangy cur isn’t worth having.”  by Sabine Baring-Gould

The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus (book)  by  Christopher Marlowe

Mefistofele (opera) by Arrigo Boito 
The Devil and Daniel Mouse (animated movie 1981)

The Muppet Show s03ep07  with Alice Cooper (television)

The Simpsons episode 132  'Bart Sells His Soul' (televsion)

Needful Things (book) by  Stephen King


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