Jul. 7th, 2013

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Here are some of my favourite BIg Valley torture/interrogation fanfics.    All have nonconsentual torture scenes.

AFTERMATH by lorilee NC-17 An old enemy takes his revenge on Jarrod. spoilers for the first season episode 'Hazard'   warning: thoughts of suicide

DEMONS OF SILENCE by buckaroo NC-17 Jarrod inadvertently sets a guilty man free and is tortured because of it.

WHEN DEMONS RETURN by buckaroo NC-17 sequel to 'Demons of Silence'. The nightmare continues six years later

GRACE WILL LEAD ME HOME by deidre and star   M    An outing to select the family's Christmas tree turns into a hellish nightmare as the three brothers encounter some enemies from their past. spoilers for the first season episode 'Hazard'

BONDS OF STEEL by kenda   T   missing scenes from the episode “The Iron Box”

A SACRED TRUST by pattiheathen   T    an AU based on the episode “Winner Loses All”

NIGHT TIME ENCOUNTER by jbsangel07 and wyomingjp   G    missing scene from the episode “The Martyr”

FORGET ME NOT by buckaroo   R      Jarrod must face his worst nightmare when his family thinks he is abusing his wife.

JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS by catgirl   M   While helping out a friend of Eugene’s, Jarrod angers members of a Chinese Tong.  warning: thoughts of suicide

THE ‘ANGST’ SERIES by brehan   R    While one Barkley brother lies serious injured, two other brothers seek revenge against an evil incarnate (worth reading, even though it is unfinished)  warning: thoughts of suicide

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photographs of my favourite standing stones and henges - Stonehenge, Avebury, Mayburgh, Long Meg and her daughters, The King Stone and the Whispering Knights, Rollright Stones and Castlerigg, set to the Mass For The Feast Of St. Thomas Of Canterbury - 1. Introit, "Gaudeamus Omnes" by the Canterbury Cathedral Lay Clerks


cowgirl65: five rabbits sit on a person's head gnawing on their exposed brain (Default)

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