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A vid featuring the objectification of people ('people' used loosely as I'm including anthropomorphic animal characters as people) in animated Disney movies. Set to the song “Acoustic Guitar” performed by Naked House
for my Objectification square kink bingo round five

It opens with Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts asks Alice, “Do you play croquet?” Alice responds “Why yes, Your Majesty.” The Queen grabs Alice and marches off yelling, “The let the games begin!”

Fade to next clip where Piglet is holding onto a string so as not to get blown away. Kanga jumps out of her house and Roo pokes his head out of her pocket to exclaim, “Look, Mama, a kite!”

Back to Alice, the flamingos all jump into a stand to be used as croquet mallets. Rolling up her sleeves, the Queen strides to the mallet holder. She grabs two flamingos, pulls them out and swishes them through the air. She tosses away the blue one and straightens out the green one over his protests.

Fade to a view of Winnie the Pooh’s backside stuck in Rabbit’s front door. It is framed in Rabbit’s mirror and Rabbit pull off the frame to regard it carefully. He forces it over Pooh’s rear end and looks at it, pleased.

Another fade, this time to the Beast’s castle being transformed. Lumiere hops up to Belle and the Beast, now a prince, and turns into a young man. Cogsworth the clock transforms into a stout dark-haired man and lastly the teapot turns back into the kindly Mrs. Potts.

Back to the croquet match. The Queen of Hearts whacks her flamingo croquet mallet against the ground, spreads his feet and uses him as a seat.

Fade to Rabbit finishing his decorating. He has drawn a happy face on Pooh’s rear, neatly framed by the mirror frame. A shelf is running between his feet and Rabbit is using him as a display table. Rabbit clasps his hands in joy.


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